"...I won't stand by... and watch others suffer."


Ruichi Avatar


Ruichi Blackstone


Young Adult


Aegean Human/Terral/Dragon hybrid




Nebula, Arbiter, Inferno, Red, Amnesty


Temeres, Nova, Worry, Thelema, Control

Base of Operation

Earth, Aegis, Empyrea, Avalon, Wonderland


  • Dragon Physiology
  • Fire Magic
  • Dark Magic
  • High Pain Tolerance
  • High Agility


Lawful Good (Can slip to Neutral Good or even Chaotic Good in specific circumstances)


Alive & active

[Retcon in progress] 


[Retcon in progress]


"There's nothing I hate more than violence...but's necessary to fight, to protect what we stand for and the ones we love..."

Ruichi originally started out as quiet and reserved, and haunted by past happenings in his life, including torture from his step-father, the inexplicable disappearance of his mother, the loss of his closest friends Izuri and Saizo, betrayal by other friends, and the slaughter of kind people that he witnessed with his very eyes. Because of all of this, Ruichi is slightly insane (his insanity comes forth fully in his Dark Ruichi form), yet he is also compassionate and does not tolerate violence. He also tends to be silent around everyone, and is often reluctant to make friends, for fear that he would lose them to death or betrayal.

After meeting with Nebula, Ruichi began to open his heart more toward having friends once again. Over time, he began to talk more than his usual silence, but only in the presence of friends and comerades. He even began to develop feelings of love for Nebula; initially he doesn't understand his feelings in a romantic sense, but interpets them as a need to protect her from harm and always be there for her, even when she was overly talkative or prone to embarassing him.


Ruichi is short, standing just over four feet tall, with long crimson hair and emerald green eyes. His skin is pale and covered with various disfiguring scars that he keeps hidden beneath his clothes. The scars on his hands are covered with brown gauntlets. The scars on his arm resemble tally marks. He bears numerous scars on his back- mostly near his shoulders- and a single, wide scar on his forehead that he covers with his headband. He is usually seen wearing a blue cloak, and never seems to let go of his scythe, which stands taller than he is.

Relationships with other characters

Nebula Beloved "For her alone... I will go to the ends of the universe."
Karma Ally ???
Thirteen Ally ???
Rune Ally ???
Todd Ally ???
Tueor Ally ???
Saber Ally ???
Crystal Ally ???
Arbiter Trusted Ally ???
Red Trusted Ally ???
Inferno Pendragon Trusted Ally ???
Amnesty Trusted Ally ???
Suzie Ally ???
Malovus Enemy ???
Control (Secret) Enemy ???
Temeres Mortal Enemy ???
Thelema Hated Enemy ???
Betwixt Enemy ???
Seamus Blackstone Foster Father ???
Izuri Foster Brother ???
Saizo Foster Brother ???
Dark Ruichi ??? ???


  • Scythe Master (Ruichi can wield a scythe in combat with near-flawless technique)
  • Tier 2 Pyrokinesis (Ruichi has a minor ability to control fire)
  • Highspeed (Ruichi can run very quickly and is extremely agile)
  • Enhanced Durability (Ruichi is no stranger to pain, and can take much physical torment without breaking his will)
  • Intuition (Ruichi's possesses a highly refined "sixth-sense.")
  • Heart of Darkness (If Ruichi undergoes too much physical or emotional pain, he can transform into a more bestial form of himself, called "Dark Ruichi")



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