Oberon was the advisor of the Pendragon clan for generations, having been in service as long as Inferno or Equis could remember - although at first he appeared to be a dangerous individual it was revealed that he was actually devoted to the protection of Avalon, a devotion that tragically cost him his life due to the manipulations of King Equinox in the storyarc "Brother's Keeper".

As well as being advisor of the Pendragon clan Oberon was the High-Prisest of The Order - however he would become a controversial figure due to his refusal to accept the new Order, which forbad the old practice of bloodletting, which he geniunely believed to be the only way to properly cleanse a being's soul of Twilight corruption.

It would be this stubborness that would be played against Oberon by Equinox when he planted a poisoned dagger on the High-Priest, knowing he would eventually use it in such a ritual - which he so happened to do when Inferno asked him to cleanse his soul (the prince's mind being clouded by Equinox's evil magic).

Due to the poison Inferno grew increasingly ill and Oberon was seen as the prime suspect due to his somewhat intolerant nature (which seemed hostile but was more to do with his old age and stubborness than actual malice) - the aggressive nature of Thedius did not aid matters either and soon the two were banished from the royal castle by Equis himself.

However during a confrontation with Arbiter, Equis and Drasocon over the incidents of the palace Oberon died of an induced heart-attack - the grieving Thedius would shortly follow..

Both Oberon and Thedius were buried in the palace grounds, next to great warriors and former kings - a sign of respect from Inferno and Equis as well as an attempt to make up for the evils of Equinox.

Oberon's postion as High-Priest has since been taken up by Maria, who has proven herself to be one of the most power and respected High-Priests of all time.


Oberon possessed vast powers as the High-Priest that put him above even the Kings of Avalon in authority, his knowledge of divine magic was tainted by his stubborn nature and inability to change - this would also leave him vulnerable to attack from malignant forces (such as Equinox's curse)

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Winged Flight
  • Invulnerability
  • Omnivorous Gut
  • Divine Magic