Moggy is a minor antagonist and a former minion of Betwixt, although his master often treated him with nothing but disrepect - unlike the psychotic Betwixt Moggy was not necessarily an evil individual but nevertheless was happy to go along with criminal activities if he believed it would aid in his ultimate goal to return to the "real" world. Following the events of "Toon Wars" however Moggy grew more resentful of Betwixt and this prompted hm to join the Wasteland Resistance - despite the fact Baby treats him even worse than Betwixt due to his status as a "criminal".

Moggy's Story

Moggy the Mole was a moderately successful character during the late 1930s and managed to survive longer than Betwixt, even managing to keep his popularity running into the early 1940s - however he would eventually fade into obscurity as more popular "toons" took over.

Moggy was thus exiled to the Land Of Nowhere and came across the now psychotic Betwixt, who took him in as a minion - although Moggy retained his gentleman qualities of old Betwixt didn't treat him well and continues to do so, being prone to using him as a foot-stool while plotting ways to gain power.

Moggy puts up with Betwixt's abuse and is surprisingly loyal despite it - often it is Moggy who comes up with a brilliant idea while Betwixt takes the credit, suggesting that although Betwixt is a far more powerful "toon" it is Moggy who has the brains in the team.


Moggy is a stereotypical gentleman, always mindful of his manners and taking even the most humiliating of abuse in his stride - he is also extremely intelligent and often plays upon his enemies flaws without them being fully aware of it.

Moggy is also capable of tricking people into underestimating him due to his seemingly passive nature - when dealing with Moggy one should always be wary of his calm personality and offers of friendship as an extended hand (paw?) can often be hiding a deadly surprise such as a high-voltage buzzer or acid-laced "gum".


Moggy is a "toon" and is thus completely immortal and capable of warping reality - however he is more limited than Betwixt in this regards and is still limited by the bizarre but well-known laws of "cartoon physics".

Specific Info

  • Moggy is roughly 74 years old in human terms, first appearing in 1936 - though he only appears to be in his 30s at most due to the fact "toons" don't physically age.
  • Moggy often dresses in a bowling hat with a tuxedo jacket and black pants with basic shoes: sometimes he carries a decorative walking-stick.
  • Moggy is also a skilled con artist - further attesting to his skills as a manipulator.