The End Has Come -Ben Moody Jason Charles Miller Jason Jones

The End Has Come -Ben Moody Jason Charles Miller Jason Jones


Equis (non-corrupted)


Equis (post-corruption)

is the ruling King of Avalon and a being that is often hard to like, being stubborn and prideful as well as prejudice against those that are different: however beneath this dislikable exterior lies a much deeper individual than most would imagine, one that continually struggles to balance his duty as King and his own personal quest to undo the evils of both his father and half-brother..



King of Kings

Fall of Avalon

Brother's Keeper




Wolves At The Door

Shadow of The Red Queen


Powers / Abilities

Equis is a hybrid of Pegacorn and Twilight-Dragon, though his draconic heritage is not as noticable as his half-brother - like all Pegacorns he is stronger and more durable than most humans and can fly unaided with the use of powerful wings.

  • Sovereign (Equis is a King, with all the power that the role demands - his power is absolute within Avalon as it is a royalist society where monarchs rule without question: as King he is also the supreme commander of Avalon's armies.)


  • Celestial Blade (as a Pendragon Equis has held the Celestial Blade, he has held this blade for a considerable amount of time but ultimately gave it to Sangria after "Monsters" as a sign of respect for his fallen half-brother's sacrifice - though she would not truly utilize it until later in her life)
  • Excalibur (as the rightful heir of Avalon Equis was able to utilize Excalibur fully following Inferno's sacrifice in "Monsters" and continued to hold possession of it until his fall from grace in "Shadow of the Red Queen", following this fall he lost Excalibur to Sangria)