Dormouse (also known as Jabberwock) appears rather comical at first, a small rodent with a loud and rebellious attitude it first surfaced in the storyarc "The Court Of The Red Queen" and appeared to be little more than a pest at first, however in reality Dormouse is one of the more prominent aspects of the unbelievably powerful creature known as The Hatter.

Dormouse has plagued Wonderland for countless centuries and is as eternal as The Hatter itself, being a part of the entity - a destructive and cruel entity Dormouse is sadistic, cowardly and treacherous with a truly obsessive desire to see all things utterly consumed by madness so as to hasten the "rebirth" that would merge all the aspects of The Hatter once more into a single, supreme entity.


Pre-Monarchy (Jabberwock)


Jabberwock - Dormouse's ancient form

In the ancient past of Wonderland the might of Alice Heart struck fear even in the primordial heart of The Hatter and Dormouse was sent to deal with her, yet when Dormouse failed to achieve this task by itself The Hatter transformed it into the Jabberwock in a final attempt to kill Alice Heart once and for all.

In the battle that ensued Alice would slay the Jabberwock, reducing Dormouse back to its former power and weakening The Hatter - yet in the process she would seemingly perish, Dormouse has a vague memory of these events and instinctively holds Alice and any of her relics (such as the Vorpal Axe) in even greater contempt than the rest of Wonderland.

Court Of The Red Queen


Post-Shift Era

Powers / Abilities

Dormouse has a vast array of supernatural powers linked to The Hatter, it is the more destructive side of madness and as such tends towards nightmarish forms and abilities designed to torture its victims both physically and mentally.

  • Immortality (Dormouse is an aspect of The Hatter and can never be permanently killed as long as destructive madness exists - like The Hatter it can be weakened and contained but this normally requires great effort or items of significant power (such as the Vorpal Axe or the Edge of Madness)
  • Shape-Shifting (Dormouse is a master shape-shifting capable of taking innumerable forms, amongst the most powerful and feared is its chimera-form, which is a form based on its memories as the Jabberwock, though less powerful)
  • Fire-Breathing (when in its chimera-form it can breath fire and smoke much like a dragon)