"The end is always near, in one place or another. Everything is transient, nothing remains forever. We all struggle to survive, yet none of us will... one could call it unfair, wouldn't you say?"

—Queen Amnesty         

Amnesty is the ruler of Silvast, Realm of Twilight. She is a sorceress adept at Twilight-Force manipulation.





Conquest of Darkness

Court of the Red Queen

Shadows of the Gods

The Last Resort


The Shadow of Death


"I've hurt and killed people close to me in the past... my own parents are dead because I lost control once. That's why I chose to be alone. I'm tired of being hurt."

Amnesty is very reserved and disciplined, and often hides her personal feelings behind a gentle, stone-faced gaze. The accidental murder of her parents has resulted in a persistent fear of losing control of her powers. No matter how trying any situation becomes, Amnesty will hold onto her regal composure to avoid another loss of control.

This isn't to say she won't fight to defend her kingdom or her few close friends, both of which she is very empathetic and loyal to. Even during conflict, however, Amnesty fights with precision and discipline, and never allows the heat of battle to get to her.

For most of her life, Amnesty has opted to remain "Princess" of Silvast instead of taking the title of "Queen," due in part to honoring her late mother, and believing that she wasn't worthy of such a powerful position after her accident. The accident has influenced a number of her own personal habits, including the tendency to overprepare and analyze before making a move, forsaking self-enjoyment often as a subconscious form of self-punishment, and a borderline obsession with training to gain stronger control of her power.


"A monarch must carry herself with poise and discipline."

Amnesty is tall and slender, with long, pearly-blonde hair and violet eyes.


"My power is my curse, passed down by my forefathers for centuries- but if I can use my curse to help my people, then I shall be content."

  • Twilight Force Manipulation
    • Amnesty's most formidible and dangerous ability. Though she strives to control it, she uses it sparingly in combat.
  • Sorcery
    • Amnesty is adept at elemental magic
  • Witchcraft
    • Amnesty is adept at spellcasting and conjuring
    • She has a special affinity for birds, and is able to conjure birds of all sizes, kinds, and numbers. A favorite technique of hers is to disappear into a scattering flock of birds.
  • Swordplay
    • Amnesty wields Amonhen in battle, a legendary sword said to be blessed by members of the Twilight Dragon-Flight, passed down by her father.
  • Iron Will
    • Amnesty excels at controlling her emotions, out of fear that the Twilight Force will corrupt her.


Land of Immortality

Land of Immortality

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